Who Wants To Creampie My Girl?
Baby is Coming!

Jenna finally went into labor and we are at the hospital now.  Im just taking a break because she is acting like a fucking maniac!   Hope to have some updates soon!

WelCUM back. You've been missed. Hope to see a lot of you on here. Also My gf and I love love love your basketball shorts blog!

Thanks!  Yeah the basketball shorts blog has done well, several thousand followers.   Hope to build this one back up as well.  Peace ~Nick

Every figure out who the father is, or if its you? You having a boy or girl?

No we dont know for sure if the baby is mine or not, we are going to assume it is and go with it that way.. of course if it comes out half black then we will know for sure, lol!   And yeah we know the sex..but we are not telling yet..  Another month!

I know he is such a punk ass, but I can’t lie I would so let him tear Jenna’s pussy up anytime he wanted it.  She loves guys with attitude like his and she thinks he is hot to, her pussy always gets wet when she sees him on tv.